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Free Honesty with God book for a Review!

Thanks for your message, and God bless!

The first 15 people to email me will receive a free copy of Honesty with God.  All I ask is that you leave a review on Amazon or Our Daily Bread.  Please let me know your address in the message below so I can ship the book to you

Leaving a review on Amazon
To leave a review on Amazon use this link (if you can't automatically leave a review, you may need to create an Amazon account.  To do that click this link).

Leaving a review on Our Daily Bread

1. First you'll need to create an account here at Our Daily Bread - Click this to create an account.
2. Then click this to leave a review - Honesty with God page.  Click "Reviews" on the page next to the stars.  Then you should find an option to leave a review.

Thank you - Dan

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