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Free Book!

Thanks for your message, and God bless!

The first 15 people to email me will receive a free copy of Honesty with God !  I would love to send you a free copy. 

It would be great if you were able to review my book on Amazon and on Our Daily Bread, but even if you can't, please enjoy the free book.  Please let me know your address in the message below so I can ship the book to you

Leaving a review on Amazon
To leave a review on Amazon use this link (if you can't automatically leave a review, you may need to create an Amazon account.  To do that click this link).

Leaving a review on Our Daily Bread

1. First you'll need to create an account here at Our Daily Bread - Click this to create an account.
2. Then click this to leave a review - Honesty with God page.  Click "Reviews" on the page next to the stars.  Then you should find an option to leave a review.

Thank you - Dan

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